courage injection

I was so brave, two nights ago, announcing this new space of mine, throwing off all apprehension.
And then I sat back, surprised and smiling big at the encouragement that rolled in.
Encourage. To inspire with courage, spirit or confidence.

I was inspired, and so grateful. Mostly though, inspired to give that same courage or confidence to others.
I realised I haven’t been forthcoming with my encouragement on social media.
I underestimated it’s value, until I received it myself.
I didn’t realise how supported that little ‘like’ button could make someone feel – and how hard is that?! Instead of scrolling past, assuming that the person behind the screen is full of confidence and doesn’t need my encouragement, I’ll be stopping to say ‘hey! I see you there, putting yourself out to the world, good job! keep going, I like what you’re doing’.

I am no stranger to pangs of envy. I often have to remind myself to stay in my own lane. Human and flawed. But I believe that encouraging others makes us bigger, prouder, and happier for them than harbouring feelings of bitterness. It’s part of living that wide-open spacious life – not living small. 

A candle looses nothing by lighting another.
Helping someone stand taller doesn’t make you smaller. 
Maybe you could actually give hope to someone. Propel them to try that thing they were too scared to try. Kept them going for another little while. 
Maybe if we light other candles we could all shine a bit brighter together. 

I’m going to be an encourager. A giver of courage. A courage injector. 
Because I know without the encouragers, the cheer-squad, I’d still be hiding. 
How ’bout you?




2 thoughts on “courage injection”

  1. Big congratulations on the new space, taking the leap is sometimes hard to let go of what you’ve already done. High fives all around for just doing it!


    1. Thanks Megan!! So true, the leap-taking thing… and the waiting, bracing yourself after you’ve taken the leap is a little scary too. Thank you for making it that little bit less hard with your encouragement though! x


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