magnolias + weariness

My magnolias have begun to flower. 
Signifying longer days and warmer nights, they were a quiet reminder today to breathe. 

I’ve felt a weariness settling in my bones in the past week; the kind that has me loathe to prepare the lunches for the following day, and dragging my feet in the afternoon as I sniff out the coffee. 
It could be the growing pile of paperwork on my counter – notes from school, booklists for next year, permission slips to sign, fees to pay.
Maybe it’s the idea of Christmas preparations and the silliness of the season that has begun to make my skin crawl and my bed beckon. 
Maybe its just that the end of a long year approaches, and I can’t yet feel the freshness and excitement of the new one. 

Regardless of the reason, I shuffle on. 
Pack lunches, sweep floors, hang laundry, and write lists.
Here, a shiny reminder to lift my eyes and remember where my help comes from.
To drink my tea in the quiet of the blue-grey morning light and wait for the grace I need to see me through the day.
Its a happy-weary as I collapse at the end. 
But still, the end of term cannot come quickly enough. 


Print can be found here

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