this creative soul

Creatively, I can’t sit still.
I want to sew all the things, craft all the things, photograph all the things and learn. All. the. things.
I learn and try new things, and make mistakes, and have unfinished projects everywhere.
But I am finding lately (especially with a weekly gathering of creative friends for the purpose of a handmade Christmas), that I am most inspired and most encouraged by being around other people who do amazing, creative things. 
Oh yes, Pinterest in it’s perfection is ever inspiring, but what inspires me most is the person behind the perfection.
The person with those rows of perfect squares on their Instagram account is just like me.
They start a knitting project on a whim, they take their amazing photos by their dining room table which could possibly have a mountain of clean laundry over it,  they create things purely for the fact that it would look lovely in a photograph and they have little, messy people that they are mothers too, too.

I read a quote somewhere recently (probably Pinterest, ha!) that read ‘everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t’. And I believe the most generous and secure people aren’t the ones who give you things, but who are willing to share experience, knowledge, wisdom and encourage you to go for it. And for this creative soul, constantly seeking to learn and make and do, that is the loveliest gift.

This is what inspired me at a Food Styling & Photography workshop I attended in Fremantle on the weekend.
Gathering with lovely, likeminded, gloriously creative women who may have just been a tiny bit excited about escaping their kids for a day too.

Plus, the coffee was amazing.


PS – It’s the first day of summer and the first day of Advent today. Excited. 

2 thoughts on “this creative soul”

  1. I too am a creative soul constantly seeking to learn and make and do. Thanks for coming along Em, it was lovely to meet you and get to hang out with you for the day. And thank you for sharing your experience.


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