a dream fulfilled

Earlier this year I sat in a vineyard and chatted with clever chocolate makers Josh and Jacq. 
And then I sat and wrote a little something, and held my breath and wondered and waited.

Last week I received the best email from magazine makers Ancestry Quarterly to say yes indeed my words are in print, within their pages.
Black and white words that flew from my very own fingers as I typed are being read by people with a penchant for ink on paper and the smell of books. People like me. 

And this marks an exciting beginning. Exciting being a huge understatement. 

You can read a sneaky peak of the article here.
You can also order a copy of their magazine through their website.
If you do, I will totally autograph your copy. Heck, I’ll be autographing my own.
And my mums.


* Photos above are by Lauren Hall.

4 thoughts on “a dream fulfilled”

    1. Thanks my friend! It’s expensive from the States isn’t it? I’ll have a real life copy for you to read soon hopefully! I ordered 5 hehe.


    1. thanks ann. I’ll have to find a way to get you a copy of the article. although with that talented journo husband of yours, I’m not sure I should even 😉 xx


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