start with just today


Yesterday I folded those itchy plastic branches into their box, and tied it up tight, for next year.
I found the floor in the girls bedroom. 
We found places for new treasures to belong and I carried a garbage bag for those things that aren’t so loved anymore. I filled it up and took it outside before any of us could hesitate.
Because my mind has been swirling with words like

Because I don’t want a life full of stuff but to live out an existence full of experiences.*
Because I know that when I exist in a minimalist-like interior, my own inner life has real breathing space that can explode with possibility and creativity. 
I know it’s not possible to live always in that zone; there will often be dishes in the sink and toys on the floor, but as much as I can I want to have a fresh and clear heart and head.
And living in a space that doesn’t feel stuffed to the brim of things I keep simply because I might want to use them someday actually gives me the ability to be truly present right here.

I’ve been asking myself just what it is that steals my focus, and clutter is one of the thieves. 
What else can I tweak to bring about more peace to my days? 
I gave up on resolutions. But tiny baby steps in the right direction? I can do those. 
I started running in November 2013, and I kept running. Not daily, but regularly.
I ran my way through last year, and managed to reach a 5km goal I’d set.
Not in leaps and bounds and amazing achievements, but in quiet consistency. 

I can do quiet consistent baby steps towards a more minimal home, more purposeful days, a fitter body and a less distracted me.
I won’t let the new year remind me of the accumulation of years I’ve failed, or how long it’s taken me to get here. It’s a reminder of a fresh start, a celebration of life, and anticipation of the goodness the next twelve months will bring.

Lets tiptoe tiny baby steps, they’re so very achievable. I’ll start with just today.


* and also because I just can’t handle mess. I try and fail. Let’s just make it easier all ’round huh?

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