my babies captured once a week, every week in 2015

He named it Spike. It was the coolest, most scary cactus of them all. Spike now lives next to Joel’s bed, alongside the Darth Vader alarm clock. Eight year olds are the best. 

She caught me off-guard that day with a glimpse of her future self. We are tired, after long days and swimming lessons. 

Washing off the chlorine daily. Her skin doesn’t like it, and her eczema has flared up with the combination of that, and sunscreen. Next year I think we’ll try lessons down at the beach

This week, I didn’t get my camera out enough, and I thought there wouldn’t be a uniformity to the photos that I like to try to give. I don’t want them to match but I do want them to fit. Although these were all taken on different days, I love that the downward facing eyes of each has unintentionally bound these portraits all together. Joining Jodie and the others here


5 thoughts on “3/52”

  1. Found you via Project 52…these are beautiful photos. The color and light are so pretty! Love the pic of your girl with the ear buds and swimsuit 🙂


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