new days, new ways | inspiration seeking

New days, new ways.
A phrase coined by a friend that now rattles around in my brain.
I have spent the month avoiding things that could have easily been done, and were easily done once I’d made my mind not to be ruled by them. [read that post here]
I’ve sat down to write numerous times, and not much trickles out. 
I’ve read my Bible every day, working through a One Year plan, and realised there is something to be said for things we make time for every. single. day.
So next month (tomorrow) I’m making the decision to write here. Every. Single. Day.
With the help of these journal prompts.
I need to get my creative blockage moved, find my purpose here again, and employ some disciplinary action to writing, now that the year has settled well into it’s pace. 

Today, we say goodbye to summer.
Already the morning air is cooler, and one of the best parts of my day is pulling the blinds and pushing out the windows to let it in. 
It’ll become harder to roll out of bed in the morning, but the birds will be quieter and the smalls will sleep longer too, giving me hope for uninterrupted tea and quiet in the early hours. 
There are still warm days ahead, and my Pinterest boards are still full of home made popsicle recipes. 
But I am already dreaming of woollen blankets, knitted cardigans, and home made chai tea
Oh, inspiration. Come and find me. 


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