my kiddos captured, once a week every week in 2015

I want to remember the mundane. The mundane magic that fills our days, that I so often take for granted:
His cross-legged reading pose, the colour of sun-kissed skin after another two weeks of swimming lessons, our quiet Friday afternoons. 
I want to remember the piles of books we read together, and the adoration of a little sisters gaze when she’s read to by her big sister. That gap-toothed silly smile, reading silly words and giggles in the almost-dark – when I could have been rushing them to bed, but I was able to pause and savour this moment, and capture them.
The tickles-on-the-bed, soft squishy skin and wild curls. 
Breathing it all in. 


Joining up as always (9 weeks, woo!) here.

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