catching March | 1

I spoke to my mum yesterday. On the phone. Mostly it’s on the phone. 
They live a three hour drive south. Gone are the days I would join her for breakfast, or drop in for a tea. Our phone conversations are always too long. I talk and talk without taking a breath except to sip the tea I made for the occasion.  
She’s the one who cares the most about the little things. The funny things the kids say, the succulents I re-planted, my latest hair. She squeezes in snippets of her life too, I do let her. 
This weekend is my parents 30th wedding anniversary. 
Mum never owned an engagement ring. She has always worn a simple, delicate rose gold band, and yesterday dad bought her a diamond. 
It was from an antique store and dates back to the 1920’s. It has sapphires. It is so her. 

Diamonds are perfect for so many years of marriage. 
Diamonds are perfected under pressure. They’re cut. Chiseled. Refined.
In my adult years I’ve seen them walk through the fire, seen them under pressure.
They’ve shown me how to grit my teeth, knuckle down and keep ploughing. 
They’ve walked through it, and by the grace of God they are still walking. 

I didn’t say that to mum over the phone.
Only that she is so deserving of finally having her diamond. 
That 30 years is amazing, and that I love them both.


Oh hi, March. I’m ready for you, bent over hands together like a wicket keeper behind the stumps. 
I’m not going to let you pass by unnoticed. I’m going to catch everything in store for me. 
Using March journalling prompts from Life Captured Inc. Today’s is what was the last thing you spoke to your mother about 
I also had the crazy idea to include a daily self portrait this month. Lets just see how I feel about that tomorrow.

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