it’s always blue

I’m starting to find a new rhythm to my days, with the littlest in kindy. It gives me just a handful of days each fortnight without any little people, and although that time is so precious, and I am tempted to hit the ground running, I’m slowing my pace.
I drop them at school, walk away through the pull of my heart and am drawn to the beach.
The fur baby keeps me to this routine, he knows it well and whines in readiness for his own hit of salt water and fresh air.

And the blues. The ever changing blues.
Late summer’s bright blues will gradually change to greys and greens yet still I love the water there. 
I drag my feet through it, kicking up swirling sand, spotting the fish – flashes of silver darting through the seaweed – always filling up with gratitude for this place that I live, the day that I have. 
I try not to think of the to-do list, try not to cut short the quiet slow pace. Praises shape worries to prayers* and I just walk.
I squint and the horizon and the ocean merge. Through half-closed eyes, and still with the beauty of endless blue entering them, I’m reminded not to look to closely at anything.
Not to analyse, not to judge harshly, not to nitpick. 
Squinting keeps the plank from my eye** and lets in the beauty, without allowing me to get hung up on the harsh details.
The sun warms my shoulders as I turn, and head back the way I came. 
Refreshed, reflective. Heaven’s blue mirrored in my eyes sets the tone for my day.
Homeward bound, with sandy feet ready for the first coffee… in the blue mug, of course. 


*Philippians 4:7
** Matthew 7:3-5

Todays Life Captured Inc prompt: what is your favourite colour, and why

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