reckless abandon

I’m not the reckless type.
I am the sit-and-have-tea type.
I am the read-about-reckless-in-a-good-novel type.
I do reckless only in my daydreams. 
I on’t do reckless in real life. I do stable, I do routine, I do quietly and I do them all well.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m up for some spontaneity – as long as my house is tidy, and those little ducks have at least made an attempt at lining themselves up all in a row.

But this faith life? I’m called to be reckless. To abandon the fear of consequences.
To walk obediently to the Call. I have no excuses. Reckless.
Daring, audacious, adventurous. 
He calls me out to walk on water. He calls me out of a life of smallness and timidity.
He calls me out to speak out, and up for those who can’t speak for themselves.
He calls me to care only what He thinks, and ignore the crowds. 
He calls me to stand up 

even if I’m the only one standing, 

even if it’s not trendy,

even if I want so desperately to sit and hide amongst masses. 

Because His is a reckless love, and He deserves it.
It’s an abandoned life I live, this Faith one. And it’s plenty reckless enough for me. 

So the last time I did something reckless? Just now when I shared my faith big on my blog.
Not cool, not trendy, big and bold and walking-on-water. Reckless. 
Prompt #3 c/o Life Captured Inc.

2 thoughts on “reckless abandon”

  1. Isn’t it funny. I do reckless real well. But I think I should do stable and routine. I’m really not good at those things which makes me not do life so well either when I think this is what I should be.


    1. We all have ideas of what our lives should look like. But if reckless and bold is your strength, focus on that. You are amazing my friend, a natural people-lover. You teach me that, I’ll show you what I know about stable hehe xx


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