Healthy, Super-fast Cake in a Mug

The beginning of my day greatly determines the end. 
If I’ve not practiced some self-control, or had a general awareness and care about what I am putting into my body, I will fail in the evening and hunt for the chocolate after a day of already-reckless eating. 

But. If I start my day well; with a green tea or warm water with lemon, quiet meditation and a deep breath – I know it’ll end well. With the same. Quiet, chamomile, and no need for a sugar-rush.
Sugar-rushes are needed with life-craziness, but I’ve been learning to slow down and take the extra time to make something nourishing, instead of grasping for a quick fix.

(This week I am. Last week I ate cupcakes. Too many cupcakes!)

And those times where I am in need of a sweet treat with my nightly tea?
This is what I turn to:

Healthy, Superfast Cake in a Mug

In a mug stir together:
3 tablespoons of almond meal
1 tablespoon of cocoa or cacao
2 tablespoons of honey
1 teaspoon of vanilla
1 egg

Microwave your mug for about 60 seconds, let it cool slightly (or it will burn your tongue, trust me on this) and pour over a little bit of cream. 

It is healthy, super filling, and enough to satisfy any sweet craving, even at the worst time of the month!


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