your sleep will be sweet

I go to bed wearing this nightie. Sometimes, I wear it from 4pm in the afternoon. 
One can never be frugal when buying sleeping attire, or bedding in my opinion.
I have created a space to sleep in that is calm and soft and inviting. 
And this is my before bed tea
In winter I wear warm pjs, with woollen socks.
I always, always wear an eye mask when I sleep (I like the dark darkness, and the feeling of something gently pressing on my eyelids, so that I don’t have to will them to stay closed).

Some days I fall into bed exhausted without lighting candles, without sipping slowly on my chamomile tea, without forming thoughts of gratitude for my day. 
Other nights I curl up deliciously with the company of a good book, and the lamp on my bedside warms me into sleepiness. 

I have never been great at sleeping – I toss and turn, I talk in my sleep (most every night, according to Daniel), I am a light sleeper and once roused find it extremely difficult to find sleep again – and I really do need a decent night sleep to function well the following day.

Because of my body’s aversion to sleep, I’ve subconsciously stuck to an informal bedtime order, that I think helps my body and mind to wind down at the end of the day; I go to bed around the same time each night, and wake at around the same time every morning.  As a rule in our house, the dishes are always done in the evening, and air dry overnight.
The house gets
 a basic tidy – towels are hung, toys are ushered back to their place, the kitchen is swept, counters are wiped, and lights are dimmed before bedtime to help to conclude our day. 

What I try not to ever wear to bed:
Worry, anxiety, unforgiveness, words that needed to have been spoken during the day, or the apprehension of an untidy house to begin the next day with.
It’s a reset and refresh – just like my sleep.*


* Proverbs 3:24


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