Chief Memory Makers

Once upon a time, we were inundated with grandparents. We would spend time with each of our families almost every weekend, and the littles would have sleepovers there almost as frequently.

Times have changed in recent years, big life events and sea-changes for respective sets of parents have resulted in less frequent visits, and non-existent sleepovers. Although I place no blame,  it’s hard not to be resentful on days when babysitters are hard to come by and breathing space is in desperation; and I know firsthand the sadness in relationships with grandparents who are distant. 

But our capacity has grown as a result. Our little family unit is stronger. 
Saturday mornings are guarded as sacred, as we’ve reclaimed ourselves as Chief Memory Makers.

This morning we awoke to rain, and an early trip to the farmers market for hot chocolates (read: coffee!) and a new playground by the river quenched our thirst for fresh (humid, sticky) air and quality away-from-screen adventures. My most favourite times are spent, just the five of us.

And so, my determination is this: to adventure together, to capture, to enjoy the company of one another, to appreciate the simple pleasures, to purpose to date-night often – even in the lounge with a DVD and tea, and to visit the best playgrounds in Perth. To focus not on what we lack, but what we have in each other. 


Day 14 of the March Life Captured Inc Prompts

1 thought on “Chief Memory Makers”

  1. I have not read your blog in weeks and weeks and now have so much to catch up on – which I will more when lent is done.

    Just wondering where this play ground is? Looks like fun.

    We were just speaking of re-capturing our Saturday’s together, especially before soccer epseason starts!!


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