in May. pray.

“Most people go through life thinking God never speaks to them when in fact He’s always speaking. To everyone. Always directing. Sometimes warning. Sometimes affirming. But we hear so little of what He says because our consciousness of His voice is obscured by our mental static.” – Steven Furtick, Crash the Chatterbox

I am guilty of letting the chatterbox in my head get too loud and too overpowering. 
And then wondering why God isn’t answering my pleas for direction, or why I feel purposeless. 
This month, I am seeking to quiet the internal voices.
For May, it will be my focus.
I’ll be taking a break from social media, in order to recalibrate, refocus, and quiet my soul.
I’m praying for purpose and direction, and an abundance of creative ideas and inspiration.
I’ll be here, still. But not waking up to Facebook and Instagram.

I’m going to work at making space, and a place to be quiet. To quiet the chatterbox within. Whether it’s a walk on the beach, or finding my running groove again, or simply with my cup of tea in the grey light of dawn. To find that place on my knees, and really listen.

Join me? 
In May, we pray.


1 thought on “in May. pray.”

  1. Thank you really much. So inspiring. I took a picture of a part of your text and I will use it as a way to remember how I can choose to focus and slow down. X


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