My kiddos captured once a week, every week in 2015

There are better photos. And when I say better I mean clearer, not so overexposed – technically better. But this one captures them so well. The rough and tumble relationship they have, the headlock-slash-cuddle Joel always gives him, and those dopey puppy eyes that love being loved on.
She actually forgot I was taking photos of her and I love that I captured that faint smile on her lips as she read. Eden’s happy place…

And while her big sister reads, she jumps, or runs, or climbs. This is my favourite of her yet. 

I’ve been thinking lately, about how glad I am to be capturing them each week. I get my camera out and I purposefully photograph them the way I want to remember them, and the way I hope they remember their childhood. And I’m already planning photo books for the grandparents for Christmas.


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