face the day

Facebook is how I would wake up.

I know I’m not the only one who rolls over, unplugs their smartphone with bleary, heavy eyes each morning, and wakes up to the Facebook newsfeed. 
It’s not that there’s anything interesting, or that I particularly care what is going on, or even that I’m desperate to find out what happened in the 6-8 hours I didn’t check it while I was sleeping. The simple fact is, it’s become habit. I scrolled without thinking until I was awake enough to face the real day.

But the thing is, is that I was thinking. Only, from that moment, I was being bombarded with other people’s thoughts and opinions. I was being told what to think about, who to think about – to think about what is trending, to give lip service to the latest hashtag bandwagon.
All of this was a blockage for my own thoughts, and a hindrance for the quiet of morning to settle in my soul so that I could face the day with a stronger stance in my spirit and a clearer mind.  

Then I bought an alarm clock*.

I plugged my smartphone in out in the kitchen. Where I would hear it ring, in case of emergencies, but wouldn’t be distracted by it as I lay in bed to sleep, or tempted to wake up in the face of social media.

So, in the last handful of days I’ve woken to the soft radio alarm.
I switch it off and lay, looking at the blinds, listening to the birds, forming my own thoughts, being inspired in the warmth of my blankets and the early morning darkness.
And then I tiptoe to the kettle, ready my tea and sit with a blanket wrapped around me. In the quiet. And this alone has changed the course of my every day.


* Hello K-Mart, best twenty bucks I’ve spent in ages.


6 thoughts on “face the day”

  1. I did the same a few months back. Got the idea from Tim Coulson’s post. Agree. Agree. Agree.


    1. I didn’t see his post, but I’m glad you’ve discovered a good thing already! I don’t know why I wasn’t determined enough to do it sooner! xxx


  2. I wake up to social media most days also and its something I need to stop. I love your idea of plugging in your phone in another room. Brilliant! I’m totally going to give it a try.


    1. It is seriously changing my mornings for the better – I actually get out of bed so much easier, happy to start my day, instead of laying for those extra (many!) minutes checking every social media app on my phone! Give it a week, I guarantee you won’t go back xx


  3. Love love love ! I too plug my phone into another room most nights now! I tell my self no social media till after my babes are changed, breakie is done and all is calm 😉 xxx


    1. It’s not easy is it?! What is it about the lure of scrolling that (mostly boring anyway!) newsfeed?! I’ve been sleeping a lot better, since my phone has been out of reach too! We can do it! xx


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