life | sweet mess

This month, I’ve been equal parts sweet and messy.

I fail constantly, miserably. I am impatient. Sometimes I feel lost, sometimes like a loser.
I forget things, I break things, I want more than I give and I doubt often.
But this season of quietening down, unplugging from Facebook and starting to listen to what the still small Voice is speaking into my life – I’m starting to flesh out what I’ve known and actually really know it. Yeah. 
And then taking steps to do it? Those are the hard ones. 
It’s easy to know what to do, when to do it. I can put my running shoes on but that doesn’t get my muscles working, doesn’t warm me up or make me fitter and healthier. 
I can set my alarm for 6am, but that doesn’t get me out of my warm bed in the dark.
Fleshing it out.
Choosing to act on what I know, is the hard part. 
But I need to stop running from those things, and embrace them. 

The same way I need to embrace busy afternoons filled with homework helping, and milo spills and dog hair all over the rug. With a smile, and a determined clench of the jaw to live big and open and not roll over and snuggle in after I turn off the morning alarm.
The cold is making productivity difficult. This season is making productivity difficult. 
But we can’t run from difficulty.
Put those running shoes on, and run right through it. 


(Two weeks ago we welcomed yet another fur baby to the house of craziness. 
Three kids and a giant German Shepherd puppy just wasn’t enough. Lets add a kitten. 
She is feisty and sweet, with all the traits of an energetic Bengal. 
Amie’s heart is happy; she’s determined to tame the wild and carries her and cuddles her non-stop.

Kitty litter, dog hair and negotiating introductions between two balls of fur have certainly added to the crazy that is our home.

Life. Equal parts sweet and messy.)


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