My kiddos captured once a week, every week in 2015

emember those cold winter afternoons in the backyard? My parents spent a lot of time out there, pottering and gardening. We’d find different leaves and berries and dig up roots of weeds and make potions and perfumes.
Today found these three doing that very same, on the front verandah in the sunshine. 
Foraging for interesting smells and colours, then chopping and adding and mixing in with water. The late afternoon sun and the dropping temperature was nostalgic and comforting.
It made me miss those days of my childhood, and the security I found in days like these – the potbelly would be burning, and dinner would be bubbling away atop it.
Smokey, wintery smells, cold outside air, and comforts of home. 

(Also, three different hair colours. My loves.)


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