tiny changes, black coffee

I’ve been embracing my creativity these last few months, in a way I haven’t before. 
I feel a renewed sense of determination to nurture the God-gifts, the passions, and recognise the things that make me who I am.
I’ve been allowing myself freedom to flow with ideas and insights, and make change
Change has been key to fanning creativity alive again. 

As a creative, I need change. Changes in scenery, changes in routine, things to look forward to, and projects to work on. 

Inspiration dies when there is stagnancy.
I’m not talking about seasons of rest. Sometimes there is a rest from doing, or creating but in the stillness still percolates creative ideas and inspiration.
But stagnancy when nothing moves, and life seems stuck or dull. 
Sometimes all I need to inject inspiration is a quick rearrangement in my kitchen – a swap of houseplants, a replacement of fresh flowers or a quick cull.
Sometimes all I need is to taste something different; my coffee black instead of white and frothy, or a new herbal tea, or a new dinner recipe with an unusual ingredient.
Or to smell something different; a new candle, or burning a different essential oil to bring inspiration to my senses and creativity to the forefront. 

The past two weeks as I’ve spent time in determined studying, I’ve been mindful of keeping inspiration in a place I can access easily. I’ve made sure to notice that which often goes unnoticed – the changing golden tones of afternoon sun, the cloud patterns through the kitchen window, the colour of the dew on the lawn in the early morning.  And I’ve made intentional changes – drank my coffee black, found a new favourite herbal tea, decluttered a dusty space, burned a beautiful essential oil blend, worn old sneakers and paid attention to the comfort of those well-fitting faves. 

It’s the little things.
Join me in keeping inspiration alive:
Give thanks,
Take a different route, 
Notice the obscure,
Change your regular.

Tiny changes. Flickering inspiration, continued motivation. 



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