Inspire my July

I saw you sneaking up close there, July. Mornings were becoming fresh, corners became dark, and afternoons short.
And now you’re here with your brisk walks to school and endless cups of tea, and it’s easier to blink you away in a stupor; in a frozen state of ‘I-can’t-wait-for-summer’.

July has bought with it a slowing down again, and I’m making the choice to make sure my slowing down is reflective, and not sluggish. 
The two weeks since my last exam has found me reading Persuasion, making myself familiar with Netflix, and holidaying for the weekend with old besties. I’ve not been busy enough to be very effective, and miss the organisation and productivity that a good level of busyness can bring. 
It’s okay to have seasons of complete rest with no responsibility… but then comes the time to drag slumberous bodies and minds up and out and get moving again. 

Last year I spent July purposely inspired; saw beauty in the lack of sunshine and listed and captured the cosy secret joys of winter that I often overlooked. This daily search for inspiration, and the daily discipline of recording it helped to lift me out of my middle-of-winter slump, and see motivation and inspiration flowing again.

One of my favourite quotes I’ve come across this year is this:

don’t waste today’s purpose waiting for tomorrow’s promise

Let’s determine to be brave in this season and embrace all that winter has, and all that He has for us today. Remembering still the promise of spring, but resting in our purpose for this moment. 

Inspire my July.
(And if you want help to inspire your July too, I’d love you to join by using the hashtag I created last year #inspiremyjuly… there’s already a winter’s worth of cosy Instagram squares to inspire your creativity and inspiration, and I’d love you to add to it over there!)


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