His rest; overcast skies

I know I’m not the only one who struggles with the distraction of those beeping, buzzing, ringing devices that we carry on us everywhere we go.
Today, though I needed to stay in touch, and much of it is work/event related I knew I needed a breather and I could go an hour without my eyes locked onto a screen or replying to an email.

The sky is overcast and the weather cool, my littlest and I ventured out for a coffee date and had the swings completely to ourselves. It’s the first time I’ve taken her to the park just her and I, in the longest time, and I swallowed the lump in my throat that reminded me of the tiny amount of time we have left for days like this. Next year full time school arrives for her, and a new season for the both of us. I pushed her as high as she’d dare, watched her climb and slide and jump off heights and was reminded of the adventure of motherhood, and how fluidly it changes. 

And then I breathed in deep. 
This morning in the dark and quiet I read Hebrews* and the scripture talks about being in a real rest. The state of rest that is available right here, right now, despite circumstances. The rest from anxiety and striving, rest from having to prove our worth or be defined by the works of our hands. His rest for our weary souls with the knowledge that we are loved and valued and enough, in every moment, is available here and now.

And all this I pondered as she and I walked barefoot in green grass and drank our hot drinks and silenced my phone. July inspired. 


* Hebrews 4:1-10

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