steer my ship, sail those seas

I used to struggle for confidence.
Much of this stemmed from comparison. From coveting other peoples looks or talents or gifts or achievements; I wished them for myself. 
Confidence arose when I stopped competing.

I stopped wanting other people’s dreams when I started to seek God’s plan for my own, and make those my dreams. The struggle quietens, and the lane is clear – because it’s my own and I’m running in it. 
I’m choosing not to look to either side of me, but steer my own ship carefully. 
Keep my eyes on the horizons ahead, and make my way out to this beautiful wide open expanse of possibility.

I’ve learned to admire beauty in others, and talents in others without feeling that my own is diminished. 

Because each of us is worthy, each of us has something to unique to add to our worlds, each of us has a destiny ahead that we can steer our own ships towards – there is sparkle on the horizon and even when the seas get rough still we sail; you are purposed and destined and loved.



1 thought on “steer my ship, sail those seas”

  1. Such wise words (as always). I often fall in the comparison trap too, which seems totally crazy to me as a 30 something adult. But it’s nice to know I’m not alone. Cheers for finding your own path and making your own way! That is a wonderful accomplishment. šŸ’•


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