27/52 – half way, and a realisation

My kiddos captured once a week, every week in 2015

I found them today on the floor of the girls room. It was covered in Lego and toys that they were playing with and ‘setting up’. They were laughing and joking together and my heart exploded.

They even (kind of) obliged me with a shot of them together. 

Today I’m just over half way. Every week I’ve captured all three of them right where they’re at. Mostly ordinary moments here at home, that will become a record of memories. Photographs of Amie before she looses her baby teeth, of Eden as she lost and grew some more, of Joel as his face lost even more of it’s babyish looks and revealed more freckles. Memories gathered and collected, recorded for remembering and reminiscing.

Because it’s a significant year for their mama. Next year marks the first year in ten years of motherhood that I’ll not have babies at home. Each day all three will belong to a classroom, and a world outside my love and my attention and my care during their school day. It’s a dull ache that rises when I think about my days next year without Amie’s company – and the new season of motherhood I’ll step into. 
So as I see the year out, and appreciate my Amie-days in all their sweetness, I am so glad I am, and have taken the time to capture them, and record their conversations and questions and jokes and personalities. A sweet farewell to the part of my life I thought would last for ever; mothering my little tiny humans at home.  
And now seeing these captures with fresh new eyes for the second half of the year. 



3 thoughts on “27/52 – half way, and a realisation”

  1. Oh gosh that will be a big change – we’re just starting with one out of the house all week in September but we’ve got a few more years before it’s all of them!


  2. I am right there with you…all 3 of my boys will be in school starting in August and I’m trying to soak up these crazy, sometimes monotonous days because I know they will be a fond memory that I will long to go back to before I know it. Enjoy every second! 💕


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