destiny in decision

On Perth’s coldest morning of the year I woke to frost on my windows and winter in my bones.   Two pairs of socks to curb the chill and a cup of tea to warm my insides and still small thoughts that lingered from the night before. 
My destiny is shaped at the moment of my decision.
My choices determine my direction, and those little choices I make daily determine the course of my days and my weeks and my months and my life.
What if I chose a gentle answer?
What if I chose to do the dishes before going to bed?
What if I said no to trashy television and picked up a soul-filling book?
What if I chose not to be ruled by likes on social media and continued to dance to the songs of hope and purpose He sings over my life.

It’s in the valley of decision that we have the chance to choose our path. 
I choose internal growth, I choose family, I choose friendships with freedom and without expectations, I choose to serve, I choose to live generously and I choose to seek inspiration in the mundane and live a life that says yes to new adventures.

I choose to do the hard things, because they’re the ones that will affect the outcomes of my days.
I choose to love my husband when I’m tired and grumpy.
To be honest about my flaws – and said grumpiness. 
To nurture the spirits in my small humans as a priority, before seeking my own gain.
To live a life of obedience to my convictions.

It’s these convictions that keep me warm.

And choose to boil the kettle again.



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