photo journal | this week

My favourite time – husband home at the end of the day, kettle boiled, ready to sit and breathe. 

Creativity nurtured; taking time out to sit in the quiet – soul-space to sit and reflect and get out the coloured pencils. 

Daily uniform. Dressed for comfort, and warmth. Embracing sneakers and ponytail – a reflection of the me on the inside; practical, easygoing. 

My newest niece. Thoughts of this little one bringing daily smiles to my face. Sweet newborn babe, she makes Amie look way too grown – how can it have been almost five years ago that my own baby was this small?!

Hard work paid off – three days of painting and finally a blank canvas in the girls room. And they insisted on their beds being side by side. Nurturing their sisterhood, one day at a time. 

Purring furriness in afternoon sunshine. 


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