sailing too close

A friend recently tagged me in a couple of lines of this poem by Sir Francis Drake, on Instagram. 
I had often heard a few lines of the poem mentioned before, but I didn’t feel it’s weight until I sat and read it in it’s entirety. I’ve printed it out and it sits framed in all it’s wisdom.

disturb us, Lord when we are too pleased with ourselves

… when we arrived safely because we sailed too close to the shore

disturb us Lord, to dare more boldly,
to venture on wider seas

So often I’ve hidden away, timid.
I’ve not used what I hold in my hand, what I’ve been given.
Just like the guy with the one talent, who hid that precious thing away, I too have been guilty of burying what was given me with a pitiful excuse: ‘but I was afraid’.

I don’t think God is simply in the business of whispering dreams in our hearts as he passes by, and then leaving us to hope for some luck, or a break or just burying that treasured idea and keeping it safe.
I think He whispers the dreams and then if we listen really hard He gives the coordinates, and sometimes if we’re really good at relinquishing control He might even offer to Captain the ship.
And if He really was the True Captain of the ship, how easy it would be to dare more boldly.
To point excitedly away from the shore and ask Him to take us, “There! There! That’s where I want You to take me”

Recently I pulled up my big-girl knickers and made a decision to venture wider seas*. The knot was in my stomach, the fear prickled my skin, but when I made the move and faced the dare… I remembered how. In the same way I remember my phone number from the house I lived in when I was four, and the lyrics to cartoons I used to watch when I was eight? That’s how I know the coordinates to being brave.
They’re in there, embedded in memories and experiences and personality and dreams.

Because really being brave is simply being the truest form of ourselves, without worrying about acceptance. 
Because we are accepted. The Captain has spoken.


* I’m flying solo to Sydney next week. Attending this and adventuring to join my tribe.

2 thoughts on “sailing too close”

  1. I love this, as it so resonates with me and my life in this season.

    Here’s to being brave!! I hope you have the greatest time in Sydney! Can’t wait to read about it!


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