wiggle your shoulders

Yesterday I was driving with my youngest daughter in the back seat. 
She requested the radio up loud. Then louder again. 
In the rear view mirror I could see her face as she sang along to a song she didn’t know the words to. I caught glimpses of expressive arms and hands – she was dancing as best she could while strapped in her car seat. (If you’ve listened to Dami Im’s Smile, you’d know why, it’s catchy!)

She was moving with abandon, swept up in the music.
And it made me wonder why I stopped dancing like that. 
Stopped writing like that.
Stopped being like that.
When did I swap abandon for caution, and joy for doubt.
When did I start worrying about singing the wrong words?

Amie’s hair was unbrushed, and there were crumbs on her cheek. She made up the words, or sang them out of time, but she was completely unaware of any mess or imperfection because she was simply enjoying the song. The grin on my face was huge as I watched her, and I couldn’t help but wiggle my shoulders and sing along. 

And what if we all just danced, without worrying if we were good enough?!
What if we all just sang along and enjoyed the melody, instead of waiting until we’d learned the words perfectly? 
What if we ignored the parts of us that were messy and imperfect and just let them out, without fear.
What if we embrace what God has done for us?* Look up at the crown of beauty** he’s bestowed upon us, instead of downwards, onto our own mess.

And what if, when we saw someone else dancing to their life-music, embracing their mess… Imagine if we didn’t judge, or pull them down a notch… what if we just grinned big and wiggled our shoulders along too?!


* Romans 12, msg
** Isaiah 61:3



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