My kiddos captured once a week, every week in 2015

Joel has always loved drawing. He talks a lot lately about becoming an illustrator. I am constantly telling him how creative he is, and he puffs up his chest and knows its an important label. I don’t want him to ever question that, or be made to feel that creativity is an elusive gift. It’s his for the taking, and if someone ever asks if he’s creative I want him to pull his shoulders back and answer with a resounding and unashamed yes. 

Eden is coming into her own. I love watching her discover the things she’s good at, and the things she loves. Amie loves dance for the freedom of movement and expression – Eden loves it for it’s predictability and repetition. 

Amie and her happy place. It’s becoming harder to find things to keep her busy at home, now that she’s used to school days being so stimulating. We print a lot of colouring pages.


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