gather + grow

I love creative people.
What I love more is when creative people collaborate – when there’s no competition or striving, just pure creative generosity. It makes the ideas flow. 
We’re amateur-professional, we’re giving things a go. We’re drinking a lot of tea and saying ‘imagine if’ a whole lot. We’re the content-makers, and the engagers, the wonderers and the doubters. But really we just want to create something we stand back and nod at, with a “yep, that felt good right down to the bone”

My gorgeous friend is running a series called GATHER + GROW and she writes this:
Gather and Grow is not about industry professionals trying to tell you how good they are and how far you are away from their brilliance. It’s about everyday people having a go and hanging out with those who have just a little more experience than you.

There are a series of themes, one for each session. 
They’re $25 (which includes a coffee + cake combo!) and intentionally casual.
The aim is to sit with you and connect over our shared interest, and hopefully you’ll walk away having learned a whole lot too.You can see the variety of sessions over at Amanda’s website

AND I’ll be hosting the iphoneography + instagram session! How exciting!
Saturday 28th November, 1:30pm, The Pond Barista, Safety Bay.
You’ll walk away with a greater ability to capture life with your iPhone, and we’ll look at some great photo-editing apps. And then we’ll learn a thing or two about how Instagram works, and how to use it most effectively, whether it’s for your brand or just you.

Click HERE to book, I’d love you to come hang out with us. 
There are only 10 spaces, so hop to it!


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