answering the call

It starts with a tug on your heart, this call to go deeper.
If you respond to the heart-pulling, turn your ear slightly, you might hear a whisper. 
Follow me.

The beautiful and frightening thing about God is that He’ll never force His way.
He sits and waits for our response. He knocks on the door of our hearts but He’ll never barge right in. He causes your heart to beat faster and the thought of eternity to pound in your chest but when we shrug it off we shrug Him off too. Still He waits, ever hoping we’ll answer the knocking, open the door wide and follow. Respond.

The disciples answered Jesus’ call to follow. 
It still surprises me at the ease that they dropped what they were doing to follow.
But where? What are we doing? What will you expect of me? What if I can’t do it?
We can’t. Our humanity causes us to be frail and our egos fail us. 
But the One who walked on water calls us out to the deep too.
To that wealthy place. The wide-open space where there is freedom.
We continue to the depths, even though responding to the call is rarely comfortable. 

Are you running from the call? 
What makes your heart beat faster? What do you know you need to do to step out?
Don’t look at the wind and the waves. Look up.
Lets not miss out on the life that is possible by making a home in the shallows. 



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