eats | quinoa salad & when I failed quitting sugar

I had goals. 
I was going to be able to regularly run 10k. Okay at least 7.
I was going to be fit and healthy and quit sugar forever, and lose the very last 5kg and be at my pre-pre-pre pregnancy weight. 

I did quit sugar for 8 weeks. I did lose a few kgs. When I was running, I stretched to what felt like my limit of 5km and I was really, really proud.
I even spoke at a womens event about my journey to health, quitting sugar, and how much God desires us women to be at our very best, and to look after the body we’ve been given.  

And then complacency kicks in. And the quitting sugar program finishes. And uni gets hard, and assignments came one after the other. And I got a cold and couldn’t exercise.
And before I know it I’m stuffing my face with McDonalds on weekends, and back to having chocolate biscuits with my nightly cup of tea, and can barely run the shortest route without feeling like the exercise is killing me.


Life happened. I dropped the ball. And for a few weeks I tried to pick it up again almost daily, and failed miserably. Ice-cream kept forcing its way into my home and my freezer and my mouth and there was always a reason why I couldn’t run… seriously those tiny grey clouds looked like they were possibly holding a storm full of rain.

But I’m trying again. I fast-walked/jogged a hilly seven kilometres this morning and my head already feels lighter and my body feels more awake. I’ve cooked a big batch of quinoa which I’ll keep in the fridge for the next 3-4 days and create a salad with it each day. I’ll re-visit my I Quit Sugar recipes, and meal plan. Ice-cream won’t hitch a ride home with me this week. I can give this fitness thing another go.

I’m giving myself tiny goals this week, and l’ll make them bigger next week.
Failing isn’t a terrible thing, as long as we’re willing to try again, right?!
And fitness resolutions don’t have to wait till January 1. And they don’t have to involve ridiculous and unattainable goals. Start where you’re at today and finish 2015 stronger.


PS: my quinoa salad: cooked quinoa, chopped cucumber, red onion, avocado, feta, cherry tomatoes, spinach with home made mayonnaise tossed through and a little bit of salt & pepper. Fresh and easy.

4 thoughts on “eats | quinoa salad & when I failed quitting sugar”

  1. Have I mentioned that I love your blog? Your words are so encouraging and gracious. I might just make myself a quinoa salad (I like mine with lime juice rather than mayo – so good).


    1. JESS!! Thank you!! I’m so glad you’re here.I made a salad dressing this week with some fresh lemon juice, olive oil and a teaspoon of dijon mustard shaken up in a little jar, it was perfect!


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