your butt looks great in those

Kind words are like honey – sweet to the soul, and healthy for the body. Proverbs 16:24

In my experience, kind words given and received, are both like honey.
Speaking kind words to others unlocks something in me that releases a honey in my soul.
Hearing them is even better.

I’ve always been sensitive. I take words to heart. I remember them.
I remember when I was singing softly to myself in the car on the way to school, at about 14, and as dad pulled over the car to let me out he said, “You’ve got a beautiful singing voice.” I scoffed at the time, and laughed, and waved goodbye, but those words stuck. My dad thinks I can sing. 
I’ve never forgotten those words.

For years I had a friend who would blurt out her thoughts without consideration.
Sometimes the dart would be laced in jest or with sarcasm, but it’s stab would be felt all the same. The conversations would replay later, sinking hurts deeper.
Toxic words are the enemy of the soul.

Dr Caroline Leaf warns of the importance of what you are saying, and the words you receive into your spirit. She says this:

Words reflect the thoughts and emotions of the speaker because every word was first a thought and an emotion. They are electro magnetic forces that cause real and lasting change both in the ears of the listener and you. And words really do cause pain. Researchers have shown that hurt feelings from words affect the same area in the brain – the cingulate gyrus – as a broken bone or physical injury. So the old Scottish nursery rhyme of “sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never harm me” is most certainly not true.

But did you know that experts have found that this pain can be rewired by their opposite – loving words. That sweet words – really can bring health and healing. 

Today, a friend remarked “your butt looks great in those jeans”.
The other day another friend called me her ‘fitspiration’. 
Instead of shaking those things off, I’m letting those words sink in. 
Because they’re helping to heal the toxic ones I’ve spoken over myself since I was 7 and compared by chubby legs with the skinny ones belonging to my best friend. 

Lets speak kind words to each other. 
You’re a great mum.
I love your hair.
You make the best cups of tea.

When you notice something great, speak it out!
You don’t know the kind of healing it might bring.


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