what do you do well? focus on that.


We’re on the brink of a new week. A bright, shiny Monday awaits.
Tonight, I should be studying for my last exam for the semester which is first thing tomorrow morning. 
But the later it gets, the fuzzier my brain becomes and I have all but given up for tonight; what will be, will be.
I don’t do nights well.
Let me be. 
Lets not have deep conversations, or do anything that requires strenuous physical or mental activity, because my brain is already halfway to sleeping and anything that is required of it needs to wait until morning. 

I do do mornings well.
I am a happy, chirpy morning person who can hop out of bed (most days) and get going. Mornings are my strength. It’s when I should study, write, journal, read. I’m awake and I’m ready.
I’m learning to work with my wiring. Not just in the time of day that works best for me, but the ways that work best; my strengths, my personality, ability and desires.

I’m learning not to leave study until late at night.
Not to begin difficult or confrontational conversations with my husband later in the evening (because I turn into an emotional, tired, messy little wife).
To make sure my kids are in bed early, before my patience withers away in the tiredness.

I have friends who are opposite. Mornings are a struggle, and they come alive at night. 
We gotta work with how we’re wired, and being aware of our weaknesses helps us to work within our strengths.

Here’s to a goal-smashing week.
And to those of you just coming alive with the night… use it wisely.



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