not quitting

It’s so easy to find excuses to quit. 
I skipped a day of writing, so I won’t see out the rest.
I ate sugar today, so I’ll give up.
I haven’t exercised this week, so I won’t try again. 

Right now a natural storm is raging outside my house. I’ve been watching the lightening for hours, saw the rain approaching over the ocean, every flash of light catching my eye. The clap of thunder over our roof made me jump out of my skin, and the lightening squeezed it’s way through the slits in the blinds and flashed across the walls. And then the rain came, heavy. Welcome relief from a summer-like day that had soaring temperatures and no sea breeze to ease the stifling warmth.

There will always be storms. There will always be the collision of our mind, our will, our emotions, our flesh. There will always be the fight between what we know is right, and what we feel justified in demanding according to our selfish desires.

We don’t give up on our hope for humanity, despite tragedy filling our news feeds. 
We don’t quit on our friendships, even if it means having to lower our expectations and continue to live a life worthy – one that loves without expecting. 
We don’t quit our creative pursuits of beauty, even if things unravel behind us almost as fast. 

Because the true winning comes from sticking out those things that are hard.
If only for the sole purpose of being able to lay my head on my pillow tonight knowing that I did the absolute best that I could; I gave generously, I loved extravagantly, I worked quietly and I most certainly did not give up. 

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.**


* This blog post took me over an hour. My screen kept refreshing and I lost my words three times. I was interrupted by little humans woken by frightening claps of thunder. I could have thrown it in, but I go to bed knowing I stretched myself enough and did not quit.

** Galatians 6:9


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