the morning after

How amazing does it smell, the morning after a storm?
It has that crisp, earthy scent. The rain soaked deep into the ground, and there’s a freshness.
I opened all the windows this morning, to let it waft through the house.

Yesterday morning I woke stormy. My soul might have sensed there was one coming.
Today, I woke refreshed. 
There is hope, after disappointment.
There is a good night’s sleep, after a long day.
There is renewed bravery, after doubt.
And calm, after a storm.

Today there was a couple of things I didn’t quite know how to face.
Things that stopped me from sleeping well, and kept me feeling uneasy.
I didn’t show up when I was supposed to. I said yes without thinking. I didn’t communicate.
I fail so often, but I’m finding my vocabulary is shifting. My self-talk is kinder, and when I have failed in the past I’ve hidden – now, I just show up again. Cringing and awkward, but I show up again.

We show up again and again to forgive. 
To forgive ourselves, to forgive each other. 
And then we let go.
Let go the internal wrestling, the bitterness, the resentment. 
Forgiveness floods deep into the soil of our hearts, and leaves us with a crisp, new start. 

I love the morning after the storm.


* These photos were taken at a gorgeous family shoot I did today. I love these people.

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