Try something different

I’ve been trying to think of ways I can engage with the smalls better, lately. I can see that we’re almost at the age, especially the almost-ten-year-old, where more and more time will be spent away from our main living area, and more time will be spent in bedrooms alone.

It’s starting to happen, slowly.  I notice it’s quieter and then realise he’s retreated. He draws, or builds Lego, or plays his iPad when he’s allowed. And it makes me want to hold on to the childhood and hold off the immenent changes that will take place over the next few years.

So today?! Today I thought I’d try something different. I bought a book, I spread out a blanket on the lawn in the shade, I grabbed our afternoon tea. And then we read. 

It was only a chapter, but it was enough. 

Enough to free us from the sometimes imposing and unflexible rules I’d made for ourselves. Enough to get us out into fresh air. Enough to ensure screens weren’t being watched, and newsfeed not being scrolled though. 

Sometimes that’s all we need to breathe new life, inspiration where it’d once been lacking. 

Try something different. There’s no reason not to. Just because something didn’t work the first time, doesn’t mean that without a tweak or two some progress can’t be made… 

It can. 

Turn off the tv. Get outside. Pick up the book. Do whatever it is that connects you to your people and keeps you mindful. 

Happy days. 




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