just 10 minutes

10 minutes.
Don’t underestimate it.
600 seconds. 600,000 miliseconds.
It’s enough.
And if you use that 10 minutes a handful of times a day, just imagine what could get done.
I’ve been clock watching. 10 minutes is powerful.

And often, when you commit to the first 10, the next isn’t so hard.

It takes less than 10 minutes to wash the dishes by hand

Or wipe all the smudges from the kitchen windows

Or make every single bed in the house (unless you have 10 children, maybe it would take 15)

Or weed that garden bed

Or put that load of laundry on, or

Peg it out, or

Fold it.

That 10 minutes?
That 10 minutes is powerful. There is so much it can accomplish.
Imagine 10 minutes of practicing gratitude. Listing those things you are gut-wrenchingly grateful for.
Imagine 10 minutes of prayer, conversation with the Creator.
What about 10 minutes of undivided attention with one of your tiny humans?
10 minutes spent with that lover, undistracted.

What are you going to use your 10 minutes for?
How many can you squeeze in to your day?


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