gilt and golden

Memories are these precious things. I imagine them gilt and golden; delicate. 
They drift in and out, appearing with a particular smell, or song.
I have a cardboard box in the shed full of journals; I’ve been frantically memory-keeping in them since I could write, and I now watch Eden do the same. Today, mum took us to the beach and we used the snorkels.

Nothing captures moments, however, like photographs. Time standing still, those frames tell our stories and give memories solid form.

Last weekend I had a gorgeous friend come to capture our family.
And she has handed us gold, in the form of real, tangible memories. Ones we can re-live over and over. Ones that will fill us with nostalgia and longing in the days when we no longer wake to little girls in our bed, when the kitchen bench we tea at is quiet, when cuddles from our son are less frequent… These moments captured will take us back to these golden days, the best ones of our lives so far.

Steph’s eye for catching the micro-moments, and noticing the relationships between us is a talent. As is the ease of which she became visitor, and fly-on-the-wall, and familiar and comfortable friend.
We barely noticed she was there yet immensely enjoyed her company.
We are so grateful.

To see her blog post, and some of the photos she captured of our Saturday morning, go to her blog The Capture Project. I’ll be sharing some more here, too, in the weeks to come. I love them so very much.


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