seen beauty, unseen thoughts

This trip was supposed to be made on Christmas day. With a husband to drive and without giant road detours due to the bushfire ravaged south west (the people who lost their homes this week were in my thoughts and prayers and nightmares).
Things don’t always work out the way you expected them to, so this week it was instead of Christmas: the longer, more winding way felt like a fresh new adventure.
The three little people who accompanied me were perfect conversationalists, water-passers, windmill-counters and song-choosers.

And it meant mornings here, greeting the sunshine with a walk up to the top of the hill.
I slurped the last peach from the tree, the sweetest I’ve ever tasted. 
The glow of the morning sunshine on her not-long-opened eyes was irresistible as we drank it in, chattering. 
And the perfect breakfast porridge, all-day attentiveness and nightly tuck-ins from their Granny and Grandpop made the long drive worth every one of the few hundred kilometres we travelled to be with them.

As I drove through ever-changing landscapes, the still small Voice speaks to me about the unseen. 
There is so much worry about what is seen: what is perceived by others, what is visible in our social media streams, and how well we conduct ourselves.
But so much more important is our inner, unseen lives. Our thoughts, and attitudes and intents.
When we do those things simply because they are good and right, even though no one will see, no one will know.
The leaving your device at home on purpose so you can be present with your people.
The extra care and patience you take when you do your daughters hair because you know it’s just how she likes it.
The prayers you stop to make when you’re busy, because someone needs them, and not just paying lip-service.

The unseen is always woven behind what is seen.
A unseen heart softened, and unseen cares cast down before an unseen God.
It’s a comfort, that this unseen is always woven through the beauty that I so often seek in my every day.
Starting the year with unseen intentions and staying true to them, will create visible beauty – even if it’s only visible to you. 



1 thought on “seen beauty, unseen thoughts”

  1. This is my favourite post.i found myself nodding and saying, yes…yes! YES! The inner matters most because the outer often shows and tells what is happening on the inner – even if we don’t want it to.I want to cultivate and nourish the inner instead of always thinking, "is the outer okay? Do I need to change/fix/perfect it before leaving the house?"What really is important is what you’ve so wonderfully revealed.thanks!


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