whooooo are you?

We went to watch The Lion King at the theatre this week. 
And then we watched the movie last night.
Remember the part after Nala returns and Simba is all confused about who he is?
Rafiki confronts him with “The question is: whooooooo are you?”, and Simba doesn’t know.
After a little reminding though, Simba of course runs back to Pride Rock and asserts himself as king.

Last week I signed my very first paid writing contract. 
I’ll be a regular paid contributor for a website who approached me and asked me to write for them. A freelance writer and photographer.

I’ve been a writer for a long time. On the inside. 
The last six months has had me voicing these titles. Starting with bravely printing some business cards. Writer/Photographer they boldly declare.
And all this voicing has had me running closer to the actual being
I have started to see who I am, and success has no choice but to follow.

Who are you? 
When you start to understand who you are, it’s much easier to see where you need to go.


Also, click over to Kin Women to see my first post of twenty sixteen… I’m a writer there too, you know.

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