focus & energy


Today I heard something that was a little bit profound. 
I mulled it over in my mind all day.
It made me realise again the importance of what’s going on on the inside. 
It was this:

Where focus goes, energy flows.

What am I letting capture my focus? Because I’ll be leaking energy there. 
Is it negative? Is it helpful? Is it productive? Or is it keeping me tied up and stuck?

I’ve been thinking about what I want to accomplish creatively this year.
I’ve already been given such amazing opportunities, but if I continue to focus on what everyone else is doing and try to draw inspiration from the wrong places, I’ll waste the energy I need to pursue what is set aside for me to accomplish – and also lose the authenticity of what I am writing/saying/photographing. 

The more I thought about this today, the truer I felt it. Focus = energy. 
Even if it’s subconscious. 
What I am focusing on sets my mood. My mood affects everyone in my household.
If I just shift my focus, my mood shifts too – negatively or positively.
“Make a conscious effort to fill your mind with good, pure, wholesome, and lovely thoughts.”*

Did you know that thoughts release chemicals in the brain? Chemicals released in your brain have an effect on your body. Making a conscious effort to fill my mind with that which is good will actually have a positive effect on my body also – my energy won’t be leaking out of the wrong places…
And, maybe like Dr Seuss says, those good thoughts will shine out of my face like sunbeams.


* Philippians 4:8


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