saturday | coloured cookies

Today I have the sniffles. 
Yesterday afternoon I knew I was fighting something, so I whizzed up a smoothie full of carrots, ginger, tumeric, an orange and some supergreens. By the evening my nose was running and I was counting the hours till bedtime – I toddled myself off to bed not long after the kiddos lights were out.
Today I’m feeling worn out. Apple cider vinegar and James Joyce have been my companions and I even managed a nap.
Thankfully the smalls have been content to just be home after a big week, and happy to stay in pjs most of the day – until this afternoon when boredom struck.
Please can we make something? Please can we bake something?
So make and bake we did. Or they did, while I drank a tea and supervised vaguely.

The dough (found here) was quick to whip up, and we chose tiny shapes mostly because they’d bake faster and also because they’ll last longer – a few in each lunchbox is the perfect little treat.
The girls found these food colouring pens in the baking box and begged me to let them colour their tiny cookies – why not?! Such a great idea, and it kept them occupied for so long. I think it’ll make their recess a little bit fun this week! 

Now the tiny cookies are in the freezer, the kitchen is clean and I’m about to hop into my pjs again. Happy Saturday!


I’ve started a board on Pinterest here specifically for school lunches – I’m looking for yummy, low sugar/fructose snacks and treats. My pinning to making ratio is surprisingly high.


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