I’m learning.

To put my phone down. And when I fail, to just put it down again. 
To study even when it’s the last thing I feel like doing. 
That it only takes 5 minutes to wash the dishes and have a clean sink.
To let go of worry – it changes nothing, and adds no money to the bank.
That legacy is important. That nothing lasts for ever. That life is valuable. 
That when I change my shutter speed, cool things can happen. 
To use my slow cooker to roast a chicken, and then use it again to make broth.
That 5:30am is the most valuable time of my day – the still, the quiet.
That when I fail to get up at 5:30am it’s okay.
To prioritise the important things, and hold the rest (blogging, social media) lightly.

Stay humble. 


2 thoughts on “humble”

  1. Love this list. I consider myself an ‘eternal learner’ – there’s always something to be learned, big or small. And I have recently learned the same little bit of wisdom about the dishes! 😀 Washing the dishes in the moment takes about 5-10 minutes. Letting it stack up makes it take wayyyy longer later on!


    1. So very true. And the dishes analogy could be used for so many other areas in our lives. I love the phrase ‘eternal learner’! Me too! xx


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