taking stock

It was almost instantaneous, the arrival of spring with the 1st of September. Days are suddenly warmer, and slightly longer too. We went for a little walk after school last week and picked these yellow beauties that had sprung up what seemed like overnight.
The welcome sunshine has me stretching and unfolding from my hibernation, and little sparks of creativity have been flickering in my mind again.
Today, with a view of the garden and the littlest one home with a cough that matches my own, I’m taking stock of this new season.

Making : big batches of lunches on a Monday to last the week
Cooking : chicken noodle soup for dinner, because coughs and colds
Drinking : 5 Senses Crompton Road coffee
Reading: Intercessory Prayer – its changing the way I pray
Deciding: what to buy Daniel for his birthday
Enjoying: opening windows and letting the fresh spring air in
Waiting: for the big two to ride home from school
Liking: the discipline of writing again
Loving: printing photobooks and holding photos in my hands.
Pondering: the best way to create baby albums for the kids
Listening: to Amie sing to herself quietly
Considering: investing in some essential oils
Buying: nothing – we’re saving all our pennies for a Bali trip next month
Watching: Suits on Netflix, it’s our new fave
Hoping: this cough doesn’t last much longer so that I can run again soon
Cringing: at the state of my laundry cupboard
Needing: to get a batch of kombucha going again
Smelling: eucalyptus in the oil burner – antiviral and antibacterial, winning
Wearing: Nike’s… never thought I’d be that mum but, it’s often sneakers these days
Noticing: seasonal changes
Knowing: I need to value my time and use it wisely
Thinking: about what to have for afternoon tea
Admiring: my 10 year old – he’s such a champion of a kid
Getting: on top of the laundry pile
Disliking: winter bugs, colds and coughs
Opening: another photo book that came in the mail today!
Giggling: because Laughter is this month’s Kin Women theme and I can’t wait to share my story
Feeling: a little bit under the weather
Helping: with homework, and home reading and hair
Slicing: green apples, at least one a day
Celebrating: my husbands birthday, and then our 11th wedding anniversary!
Forgetting: sooo many things every day
Embracing: the mess, so that I can take time out to write

What are you noticing, thinking, wearing, reading?


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