journal | great & abundant gain

This morning I blearily rolled over to flick off my alarm. 
It’s getting lighter in the mornings now, the birds are louder. Eden slept soundly beside me and Ginger cat-sensed I was awake and repositioned himself near my chest, walking in a circle before he wrapped his tail around his curled up body and purred loudly.

Lately I’ve gotten into the old habit of scrolling Facebook as I wake up. 
Actually in the last week there’s been a few bad habits I’ve picked up again – watching Netflix mid-week, which was always something I’d saved especially for Friday or Saturday nights. Sugar. Mini Mars and Snickers with my nightly cups of tea.
How easy it is to slide down the steep slope of indulgence. 

I blame our winter bugs for my lack of motivation – I lost my voice and was constantly tired, coughing and lacking in energy. I did what I needed to survive, which included a lot of Gilmore Girls and even more sugar. 

But, never being one to thwart self-discipline (at least not for long!) I indulged my last on Saturday. We spent the afternoon wandering the markets in Fremantle in search of a hot cinnamon donut, so that I could say goodbye to sugar again in style. 
And when we got home I pushed open the windows, loaded the washing machine and wrote out the meal plan. Determined to shake off the apathy and put my front foot to good use.

So today when I was bleary-eyed, instead of flicking off the alarm and dozing again I fought that luxury, (with thoughts of a long lie in on Saturday morning to look forward to!). And then I read these words and they were my bread for the day:
[And it is, indeed, a source of immense profit, for] godliness accompanied with contentment (that contentment which is a sense of inward sufficiency) is great and abundant gain.*

Being content in the place we are is the greatest gift. 
Being able to seek beauty and grow godliness, even in moments of trial or sickness or when things aren’t going your way creates this depth of knowing that we have inward sufficiency regardless of the season – in physical sickness, or in seasons of abundance. 

That in all circumstances I’ve learned the secret of being content – and it’s not chasing all the stuff or all the achievements. It’s resting in the knowing I already have everything I need in Him, and He’s in me. 


* 1 Timothy 6:6

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