journal | leave the beaten track

It’s easy to become joyless in the mundane of our days, in the hurried mornings and the same-same but different to-do lists. 
Joy and inspiration cannot be manufactured. They’re a mystery that springs up on the inside at the most unlikely moments. Like when we received a phone call on our last day in Bali to inform us that our home had been broken into, and all our valuables taken. 
First came the shock and the God, what even is this?! But then, somehow, a bubbling over joy.
They might steal our tv, and our laptops, but they couldn’t take our joy. We rested. We shrugged. We thanked God we were safe. Our pets were safe. That we were able to travel.
Inspiration followed suit.

But what happens when the inspiration doesn’t come? When the words won’t flow or the brush doesn’t swirl obediently across the canvas?
Sometimes all it takes for inspiration to find us is a deviation from the worn paths of our days.

What if we just chose a perspective shift? We can actually make a choice to enter into the joy – it’s available to all of us, and I believe inspiration can be found the same way. 
Open your eyes and choose to see differently. See your city as the exciting place you can adventure and explore. Take your camera to the places you visit often and barely notice, so you begin to see it in a different frame.
Go for your daily jog in a different direction, or time of day. Choose a different place to get your afternoon coffee, light a candle with a beautifully unfamiliar scent, sit outside to eat, even if it’s freezing cold. It’s so easy to look at others and compare or yearn for the life they have or the work they produce, or the city they live in, but in doing that we dull our own voice and the potential we have to be content and joyful and inspired in our here and now. Other cities that seem exotic and exciting to us, are someone else’s well-worn, unnoticed paths. 

Your city has treasures for you to find, all you have to do is deviate from the path.
Your life has unlimited joy to grasp, all you have to do is diligently seek it out.

Life is seriously good. xx


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