life stories | taurua boys

It was about 5 in the afternoon when she sent me a text, to do that photoshoot we’d tentatively scheduled.
“The beach around 5:30 then?” It would give her enough time to get her little tribe ready and drive 10 minutes to the beach.
Anyone who knows this stunning mama, is in awe of her.
Her capacity to love not only her own little tribe but live a life where her door (literally) is always open, is actually astounding. 

Her boys were full of life from the outset, and promptly told me, “Aunty Em, we’re going to have ice-cream.”
It was a good bribe aimed at compliance for smiles and containing the wild boyish energy they each so desperately wanted to expel. Luckily, I was fast enough to capture the essence of their brotherhood as they ran in opposite directions (despite the promise of the ice-cream!), and I’ve never laughed so much at crazy faces and penguin impersonations.

Their baby sister, due in a month, will be incredibly blessed to be a part of their little gang!


PS – if you’d like to have your kiddos or your family captured like this, I’m running a Summer Sessions special over at my Facebook page. I’d love to chat about photographing you and yours! 

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