the every day in colour

One cold morning this week my kitchen was humming with the everyday. 
The heater was on and the kitchen blinds were pulled up high, letting in the sunshine and revealing dewy green grass and blue skies. 
The kids were dressed for school, one was eating weet-bix with honey, another was finishing the lunch packing, and Daniel was helping the other with some maths homework. 
The kitchen was finally almost clean and I was being called upon to brush hair and create braids. 
As my pink-gloved hands finished the last of the dishes I felt gratitude settle deep in my bones. 
This is it
These moments, this every day activity, these people. 
They were my dream and it’s now realised and I don’t think I acknowledge it enough.

Sometimes the dream comes dressed in hard work. The marriage relationship comes and it requires laying down of lives and the giving of forgiveness. The children come with challenges of sleepless nights as babies and then requests for social media when they get older.

I know how to acknowledge the difficulty, and the waiting, the hoping – the hard stuff that is inevitably a part of anything we do in life. But what about the recognition of the goodness that has been woven together in your life. What about the realisation that what you had hoped for and dreamed of was actually really here? 

Sometimes it doesn’t look the way we expected it to. And it’s definitely harder work than we thought it would be. But it’s here, it’s realised. Okay so maybe not all of it… but there are definitely aspects of your life that you can high five yourself – you made it, it’s brilliant, life is in this vivid colour and it is yours and you should totally celebrate! 


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