New days

At the end of last year, I remember panicking at the thought of the new one starting. 
I wasn’t ready. Nothing was right. Everything felt too overwhelming, too difficult and I was drowning. 
So I didn’t reflect. I didn’t set goals. I tried hard not to think about the year ahead. 
All I could really do was spent each moment willing my racing heart to slow down.
Trying to catch my breath.
I put some words up on my Letterfolk board that made some simple declarations; that I would read more books, write every day, run further, log off and choose grace. 
I think those words will serve me well for 2018 as well.

My beautiful friend Amanda dropped her latest book to me this morning.
She’s brave, and faces her year head on, even if it’s been shitty. Her book is all about how she retreats, sits down, and asks herself the hard questions. Her book is all about being intentional.
About our time and our focus and about our goals. It’s got guided questions and lots of space for journaling and brainstorming. 

And part of me didn’t want to even open it. Because reflecting is difficult. Especially if you’ve been doing a tough season, or you aren’t where you wanted to be by now, or if you’ve tried the resolution thing before and failed. But honestly, this book is different. 

I’m determining to be brave because as the book is titled, I am believing and hoping that 2018 will be new days. New days for my family. New seasons of warmth and ease. 
Like tumbling in the whitewash but coming up through crystal clear water and taking that big deep breath on the surface.
I’m praying that 2018 needs will be like a big deep lung-filling, chest-expanding breath of fresh clean air.
And to help it to be so, I know I need to face what needs to be faced.
I know I need to reflect on the year that was so that I can start the next one facing the right direction.
I’ll reflect on twenty seventeen with a fierce determination that I will learn from my mistakes, I’ll let my failures compel me to try again and that I’ll see, actually, that the difficulties I faced this year helped me to be stronger, fight harder and pray more than I ever have before. 

So if you need to reflect on the year, or be intentional about your goals for the year to come, why don’t you grab a copy of Amanda’s book? You can download the PDF version right from her website and print it off right now if you want to!

Join me in finishing the year brave.



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